Horizontal Directional Drilling and Light trenching

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What sets us apart from our competitors?

   We are friendly, enviromentally conscious, and helpful. Owner/Operator

       Troy Hauff has been in the underground business for a long time. Starting with a trenching machine, Groundhogs has always been focused on finding the very best method to accomplish a job, and is an early adopter of new technologies. Being one of the first in Ohio to adopt trenchless technology, no one can match our experience. We pride ourselves on our accuracy. Our reputation has been established with work performed all over the country, from sewer work to utilities to traffic signal road crossings.

When it comes to locators, we utilize the most current technology. We are able to drill across heavily congested roads and highways, under buildings and waterways without having to be directly over the drill head to locate. This allows for drilling in areas where the bore path is not accessible, such as over water or in heavy traffic.

Our operators are trained by a 20+ year veteran to the drilling industry. The training not only focuses on the operation of the drill rig, but also the quality of the hole that is being drilled.  Varying ground conditions determine the type of drill head used, the amount of water used to lubricate the hole being drilled, and any additives to the water to help with additional lubrication.  Proper preparation of the bore hole is crucial before pullback can be completed.
Like the majestic groundhog, our go to move is tunneling a hole the exact size necessary. Horizontal directional drilling is currently the most efficient way to install utilities underground, which is in-itself far superior to hanging any utilities like electricity and comunications. With Trenchless tehnology we can install pipe underground with a very small footprint. Why dig 4 feet deep, for a thousand feet when you can dig 4 feet deep, in two small holes?

   Our Services

We offer trenching and light excavation services.  In rare situations, excavation or trenching is a more feasible, cost-effective alternative to drilling.  It depends on the surroundings but most of the time it's because there is sharp turn or very short length to shoot. And when things are too tight for even the mini-excavator, we're not afraid to grab a shovel.

When pulling back steel, copper, ductile iron, or any other rigid pipe, it is usually necessary to excavate a trench leading up to the bore hole.  This allows the material to gradually be pulled to depth.  In these circumstances, the pipe is fused, welded, or screwed together on ground level and gradually pulled to depth, eliminating the stress of flexing or bending.



trenching and light excavation